First Avenue Tokyo Station User Guide


Welcome to First Avenue Tokyo Station!

First Avenue Tokyo Station is a wonderland of Japanese culture directly connected to Tokyo Station. You’ll find great areas such as Tokyo Character Street, which features shops filled with popular Japanese characters; Tokyo Ramen Street, with ramen shops that showcase the best of Tokyo ramen; and Tokyo Okashi Land, which has a lineup of sweets from Japan’s leading confectionery makers.

Tokyo Character Street
Tokyo Ramen Street
Tokyo Okashi Land
11:00~23:00(Until 22:00 on Sun., and holidays)
Nippon Gourmet Road
9:30~20:30(Sat., Sun. & Public Holidays: 9:00~)

Please be aware that the contents of this website may change without notice.

Facility Information

  • Wi-Fi


    Free Wi-Fi available!
    Area of availability: B1 passage, 1F "TOKYO GIFT PALETTE"area, 2F “TOKYO GOURMET ZONE”area
    Terms and conditions: Max. 30 minutes each time, max. 5 times per day


    STEP 1
    Access Wi-Fi site and download a dedicated app.
    [JAPAN Connected-free]

    STEP 2
    Please register for use with the dedicated app.

    STEP 3
    Access app inside the area of availability, and start using Wi-Fi.

  • Credit Card

    • VISA
    • MasterCard
    • JCB
    • Diners Club

    *Some stores may not accept credit cards. Please inquire before making a purchase or before entering.

  • Tax-free Counter

    Tax-free Counter

    Please apply for tax-free shopping at the tax-free counter before shopping.
    You will need a Tax-free reception slip to receive tax exemption.
    Show your passport (no copies, needs to be within 6 months of arrival and requires an entry permit) to receive a Tax-free reception slip.


    Stores that process refunds at the tax-free counter

    Purchases made at stores with the red mark shown at the left may be combined to claim tax refund.
    Combined purchases totaling 5,000 yen (excluding tax) or more from multiple stores red mark are eligible for tax exemption. In order to claim tax refund, you must register at the 1F with the tax-free counter before shopping. Once finished with shopping, return to the tax-free counter and claim tax refund. The refund will be paid in cash.
    *Purchases of General Items and Consumables can be combined.

    ■When to Claim Tax Refund
    Only on the day of purchase

    ■Where to Claim Tax Refund
    Tax-free counter within First Avenue Tokyo Station


    ・Certain First Avenue Tokyo Station stores process tax refund on their own. Purchases at those stores cannot be combined with purchases at other stores.
    ・The tax-claiming process will require some time. Please leave sufficient time to perform the process.
    ・Items for which tax refund has been claimed may not be returned.
    ・Tax refunds cannot be claimed on a later date.
    ・Purchases made on a different date may not be combined to claim tax refund.
    ・The name on your passport, receipt, and credit card must match to claim tax refund.
    ・Purchases intended for business use or redistribution are not eligible for tax exemption.
    ・Consult the staff at the tax-free counter for any inquiries regarding tax-free shopping.


    Stores that process refunds on their own

    Certain First Avenue Tokyo Station stores process tax refund on their own. Purchases at those stores cannot be combined with purchases at other stores. Please check the marks above before shopping.

  • ATM

  • Electronic Money

    • Suica
    • PASMO
    • toica
    • Kitaca
    • はやかけん
    • SUGOCA
    • ICOCA
    • nimoca
    • manaca
    • REdy
    • nanaco
    • WAON
  • Barcode or QR Payment

    • ALIPAY
    • WeChatPay
    • RPay
    • LINE Pay
    • PayPay
    • Jcoin

    *Cannot be used at Tokyo Ramen Street, Echigo Soba, Sobadokoro Tamejiro, TOKYO GASHAPON STREET.

  • Baggage Check

    Baggage Check

    1F : Service 12

    Check your baggage here so you can enjoy sightseeing without being weighted down! Bags can also be shipped to various airports in Japan!

  • Coin-operated Lockers

    Coin-operated Lockers

    The animal marking your locker is on the baggage claim slip, so it's easy to figure out which locker your bags are in.

    Coin-operated Locker Concierge
    Check where unused lockers are located from your computer, cell phone or smartphone!

  • Baby Break Room

    B1:North Street

    A room where mothers can nurse their babies and change diapers.

  • Smoking Area

    Smoking Area

    B1:South and North Street

    This icon marks areas where smoking is permitted. (Smoking is prohibited in all other areas.)

  • Charge SPOT

    B1:Tokyo Ramen Street
    1F:Around L stairs

    A portable smartphone-charging service.


First Avenue Tokyo Station is located in JR Tokyo Station (outside the ticket gates). Exit any Yaesu gate from the shinkansen lines or traditional lines and you're there.

1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005

Shop Guide

Limited Space

Pop-up shops appear for popular events and to sell rare items!
[Shop] 10:00-20:30
*Shops open for business at different times.

  • Event Space Ichiban Plaza

    Ichiban Plaza is an event area in the center of Tokyo Character Street. All kinds of events are held on an irregular basis.

    Event Space Ichiban Plaza
    Take photos with popular characters!
  • Street Wagon

    This wagon shop is set up in the aisle inside Tokyo Character Street. Limited-time-only merchandise is always changing - stop by and see what's going on!

    Street Wagon
    You might be able to find rarities…?